Looking for work?

Whether it's an hourly paid contract or a move onto the board, accuracy is everything. We never waste people's time.

That’s why our recruitment consultants specialise only in construction, electrical, architecture, design or planning careers.

With 50 years' combined experience, we'll find the best opportunities for you. Before you get there, you’ll get salary benchmarking, CV checking and interview preparation. That's us: thorough, ethical, dependable.

Need good candidates?

Accuracy is everything. When you ask for a site manager with an in-date CSCS card and a willingness to travel, that’s who you get. One who’s been vetted, checked and interviewed by our sector specialists.

Small, independent company? Blue-chip? Temporary, freelance, permanent? Trust our experienced consultants for a tailored approach and a whole range of labour-force solutions.

Building careers

Generalist recruitment consultancies can be a little too general. And some focus on winning quick commission, not winning trust. The resulting mismatches can leave candidates and employers tearing their hair out.

So, a big welcome to Red Rock Consultants. We specialise in recruitment for construction and building services. And nothing else. All our consultants have vast sector experience. And even our directors help out on the sales floor.

The result is a UK-wide, knowledgeable recruitment firm that won’t waste your time. That checks, screens and interviews. That gets back to you within the hour. And that tailors our service and builds careers. How refreshing.

Whether you need work or people, call our experts today on 0121 212 0234 or email us here.